Join us every morning on 3.838 MHz at 6:30 to 7 AM, Eastern Time

The reason for the 30 minute limit is so the next net scheduled on this frequency can start up on time. This net, The Hot Line, has been active for over 40 years.

Many of us come on to the frequency earlier than 6:30 to chat among ourselves but some of our regulars need more beauty sleep than others.

We have tried starting the official net before 6:30 AM but most of you prefer the half hour format with several of us just rag chewing before the net starts.

So come join us, early or late and have some fun with the group, as well as meet Robbie the Rooster and our announcer, The Teutonic Tit-Willow (aka W4AKO).

I plan on adding more pages to the site as I get time to do so.The member directory is updated as often as possible and more pictures are on the way soon.

Send any and all suggestions to Robbie's keeper - Rich W2FBS at or at

The 3.838 Breakfast Club is the place for early birds. Want to talk weather, sun spots or crazy goings-on in your world? Drop in to 3.838 and have a cup of your favorite brew with a great group of people.

The Breakfast Club is a "directed net" meaning that each check-in will talk in a certain sequence. We use Call Book Order which means that the one (1) call area check-ins come before the two (2) call area. The order is alphabetical within the call area.

For example:






and so on down the list.

We have well over a dozen check-ins on some mornings.

The 30 minute format means that we all need to make brief transmissions so everyone can get at least two chances to transmit.

      The 3.838 Breakfast Club

The Fastest 30 Minutes in Amateur Radio

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News and Stuff From our Members

Take a look at  Mark KB1PLC’s web site URL:

Mark designs and builds some very intricate and interesting electrical and control panels for boats and yachts all over the world. Bermuda trip coming up Mark?   

I will be adding some of Frank W4NHJ’s pictures of the home brew amplifier he built. I am sorting through the pictures and will add a series of them showing the build cycle.

Want more news and stuff? Send me your pictures, news and other stuff and I will put it on the site. Hopefully you will send so much I will need to add another page to the site for member info and news. Get going!